Sunday, June 16

Happy Father's Day

Jon holding newborn Conrad



When he first introduced Shortie to minute old Bubba

his first moments of being a Dad!!!

Its no secret that I married an amazing man! Not only is he an amazing husband - he's a fantastic father! He is so incredibly involved and invested in our kiddos that it melts my heart. He leads them and guides them with grace yet he has no fear of crawling on the floor or having dance parties in the middle of a grocery store! He has embraced the role of fatherhood and shines ever so brightly at leading our family. Happy Father's Day Jonathan!!!

I've had friends tell me that I don't understand how difficult most husbands and fathers are, that they don't help with their kids - that I have a husband who is "one of a kind and not like most Dads". Jon always laughs at me when I tell him of friends mentioning this yet again because I get so angry by the comments. To dismiss him so easily as just being "one of kind", although it could sound like a compliment, to me it misses the fact that he has chosen to be this kind of man, this kind of father. He has chosen day after day to be interested in the silly absurd stories that the kids rush to tell him the moment he gets home. He has chosen to want to share all his fun hobbies with the kiddos day after day. He has chosen to be the type of father that takes all five kiddos out grocery shopping, out to the beach, out to the playground, out to the coffee house for a special treat - he has chosen to be as hands on and involved as he possibly can. He has chosen to be the type of father that he believes God calls all men to be. For this I am ever so grateful!

I could not have asked, dreamt, or prayed for a better father for my children. I know our boys are learning how to lead a family in a God fearing manner. I know they see his eyes light up when he is around them. I know they are learning how to be just as an amazing father as he is from the love and support he pours into them daily. I know they will one day be amazing fathers and husbands as they have had a great example showing them the way. I know our girls are being taught what it means to be loved correctly. I know when they are older they will have a great role model for the type of man they should be with, I know they will understand what it means to be respected and loved. I know my girls will always be daddy girls turning to him for guidance and support. I am so blessed to have such an amazing man helping lead the way for our children.

Sarah, Dad, and me (ready to pop with Zekie)

Of course - I never would have had such high expectations for my own husband if I didn't have such a great Father to show me how it was done! Without my Dad's love and support all my life I wouldn't have known it was possible to have such a strong caring man always be there for you! I love you Dad --- thank you for showing me the type of love I deserved! Words can't express how thankful I am for having you as my Dad, and how even more thankful I am for my children to have you as their Papa! We love you to pieces and are so grateful for you! Happy Father's Day Dad! 

Dad and his bike

always love hearing my Dad's stories about his adventures!!!

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